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Friday, January 27, 2017

Sonoma Writers Alliance Anthology - New Published Short Stories

Sonoma Writers Alliance Anthology

This book is packed with a stunning variety of short stories, poems, essays ... and one play. It is a must-have for your library or a perfect gift for a friend. You can read it from cover to cover, or, when you have a few minutes to escape from your daily grind, it's one of those books that you can read a few pages at a time. When you close the cover you'll feel like you've been somewhere and discovered something new.

The group of Sonoma writers represented in this anthology is only the tip of the talent-iceberg living in the small California town famous for fine wine and food. Sonoma, the area the natives called the Valley of the Moon, is a place of many wonders making it a breeding ground for authors from Jack London to Emma Cline to members of Sonoma Writers Alliance.

I am honored to have four of my short stories included.

ORDER HERE - from AMAZON or ask for it at your local book store.

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